Evelina De Lain - Composer, Artist, World Record Holder, Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Author, Owner at "Tower Bridge Piano Salon"
Music Therapist, High Performance Coach

"What an honor... Your interpretation of 'When I fall in love' stopped me in my tracks" 

"Amazing pianist just played Chopin in the clouds! This is stunning"
Musician sets world record for Highest ever Classical Concert"


"Her own composition is a great piece of work. I love it!" 

"Inspirational and educational" 

Ella es la misteriosa mujer del piano en el Volcán Pacaya 

Evelina is a unique and multi-faceted World Record breaking artist, composer, inspirational speaker, transformational coach, music therapist and author who is effectively blending classical performance, contemporary classical composition, jazz interpretation, extreme concerts, 
shamanic storytelling and coaching techniques into a captivating, innovative and 
compelling presentation style. 

Having gained international recognition, she merges her musical skills, educational and therapy background, creating an exclusive and sophisticated aural environment as well as presenting her success story for varied audiences, creating aspirational learning opportunities and inspiring listeners at workshops, 
festivals and leadership events.

Embodying the metaphor for Highest Performance, having performed the Highest Grand Piano Concert in the World at 5000m in Himalayas to raise money for charity, Evelina is one of the most versatile 
and creative artists and educators in UK. She didn't stop there, in August 2019 she completed 3 more extreme concerts in Guatemala - in the forests on top of legendary Lake Atitlan on August 19th, and the first ever grand piano concerts on the active volcano - sunset and sunrise concerts, 
August 24th and 25th (Volcano Pacaya). 

She has been featured in more than a 100 media outlets in over 40 countries around the world including ITV, BBC World Service, The Independent, The Metro, Classic FM, Guinness World Records, London Live, ABC, BR Classic, Radio Canada, World Classical News, Italian TG5 and many more, 
having been seen by over 30 million people. 
French RTL M6 Info "Extreme Concerts" documentary featured her alongside such 
world level musicians as Ludovico Einaudi and Metallica. 

BBC World Service invited her to comment on the work of the Oscar-winning director Alphonso Cuaron and international pianist-composer Olafur Arnalds and she performed live in the studio on ITV 6pm news. ITV also produced a "Point of view" documentary with Evelina's program
"How I defied doctors to make history in the clouds". 

Evelina performed for Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, UK Prime-Ministers John Major and David Cameron and French prime-minister Francois Fillon, US secretary of state John Kerry, Archbishop and Nobel Prize laureate Desmond Tutu as well as legendary artists Tony Bennet, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, "Earth Wind and Fire", "Average White Band", actors such as Dame Judy Dench, Omar Sharif, Nicole Kidman, Russel Crow, Jennifer Aniston, 
Will Smith, Kurt Russel and many more. 

Having studied classical music to a very high standard in Dnipropetrovsk Music Conservatory (Ukraine) and winning Chopin and contemporary classical music competitions in in her youth, she's also spent many years studying jazz and developing her own writing style resulting in release of her "Soul Journey" album (2015) - which she took with her to the Himalayas to perform alongside a program of Chopin at the "Highest Grand Piano Concert on land" in tribute to her mother who was also her music teacher. 
During her record-breaking performance (Highest Classical Concert in the world and the Highest Longest Concert in the world) she also spoke on camera about her experiences. 
Being interviewed by the Guinness World Records, Evelina said:
"It was such an honor to be asked to play my music in the clouds, [but] it was one for the 
hardest things I have ever done."

Traveling to Guatemala in 2019, Evelina was inspired by the incredible diverse nature and mayan culture and set onto extreme concerts expeditions in Lake Atitlan and Volcano Pacaya that would not only be record-breaking but enlightening and transformational for her and the teams involved. These expeditions forever altered the course of Evelina's life and she's currently completing her 
first book "Extreme Music. The road to self-actualization".

Evelina has always been passionate about psychology, self-development and education and has acquired many techniques over the years, allowing her to develop her own "Inside the Music" therapy and experience, as well as her series of seminars titled "Subtle Secrets of Success" and presentations on various subjects - from prestigious achievement to high performance, from the value of music education to
post-traumatic growth. INSPIRE, ASPIRE AND CREATE is her motto. 

Presenting monthly sold out thematic events at her Tower Bridge Piano Salon, leading the students at "Evelina De Lain International School of Music", heading the juries of international arts festivals, Evelina is also busy writing her book "Extreme Music", recording, composing and inspiring others with her music, 
seminars, festivals, concerts and speaking engagements. 

"12 Colourful Preludes" (2012)
"Soul Journey" (2015)
"Narcissus Triangle" - Ballet (2016)
"Sentimental Waltz" (2020, coming soon)
"Extreme Music" Book (2019, coming soon)

"We can't wait to see what Evelina is planning on doing next – and how she's going to fit in another record-breaking expedition while also writing her book"Extreme music" and continuing to raise money and awareness for various charities." - GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 

"Evelina has invented her own genre, what a pleasure to listen to her!" 

"Thank you for putting our country on the map!"